Rental Rates

Enjoy Port Aransas, the beaches and more with a quality golf cart. We have three types to choose from. Reserve today for best selection.

Wild 6 Seater

Summer Rates Shown
$130/day for 4+ days
  • Wild 6-Seater Golf Cart
  • 1 Day: $165
  • 2-3 Days: $150/day
  • 6-seat EZGO golf cart.
  • Street Legal
  • Fiberglass top
  • Free delivery & pick-up at your location*
  • Rates are higher during summer season and special area events.

Fun 4 Seater

Summer Rates Shown
$110/day for 4+ days
  • Fun 4-Seat Golf Cart
  • 1 Day: $150
  • 2-3 Days: $125/day
  • 4-seat EZGO golf cart.
  • Street Legal
  • Fiberglass top
  • Free delivery & pick-up at your location*
  • Rates are higher during summer season and special area events.

* Free delivery and pickup is provided for rentals of 2 days or more. For one day rentals, please pickup your golf cart at our office.

Hourly Rentals

If you are interested in renting a cart by the hour, please contact us directly at (361) 217-0703 for rates and availability.


5 5 1
What an unbelievable cart! Our family have rented from many others on the island but no cart is as comfortable, smooth, safe, fast, not to forget an awesome look! Definitely will be back to rent! Thanks for great deal again!

Great company!!

5 5 1
My family and I took a trip to Port Aransas last weekend and we stumbled upon Top Deck. Very pleased with the service and quality of the carts! No one else had a golf cart even close to ours. People asked us multiple times where we rented from and we gladly told them. We also dealt with the owner directly which was nice. Can't wait to try you guys out again for our next Port A trip!!

Great fun

5 5 1
First year we rented was a great experience wish cars went a bit faster but otherwise was awesome, will be back next year

Rental Policies

To provide you with a safe, reliable and gorgeous golf cart, we have just a few short conditions:

  • Rentals can only be made and paid for by adults 21 and older. Once rented, any licensed driver 16 and older may operate the cart.
  • Rentals must be paid in full at time of reservation. If your rental is not confirmed, your full reservation amount will be refunded. Confirmations are at our sole discretion.
  • Reservations will be confirmed once you have provided a photo of your driver’s license and insurance. Instructions for uploading your insurance will be provided in the rental request email sent to you after you make your reservation. Failure to provide proof of insurance will result in a cancellation of your reservation.
  • You may cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to the start of your reservation without penalty. Your entire rental will be refunded.
  • Cancellations after 24 hours of the start of the reservation will not be refunded.
  • Rental carts are delivered to your location in the Port Aransas area on the start of your reservation.
  • You, as a renter, must be present at time of delivery. Have your driver’s license and insurance available for confirmation.
  • We will pick up your cart starting at 9:00 am on the final day of your reservation. Please have your cart at the pickup location no later than 9:00 am. If the cart is not available for pickup at this time, you will be charged an additional rental day.

Safety Policies

The use of golf cars is allowed in Port Aransas. However, you must follow certain rules to avoid citations, accidents and/or forfeiture of your rental reservation.

  • Licensed drivers, 16 and older, are the only ones allowed to operate our carts. Any driver must have a valid driver’s license. Others are not allowed to operate a cart, regardless of whether it is on the street or off-road.
  • Have all passengers use the safety belts provided on the cart. Passengers should all be seated and keep arms and legs inside the cart during operation.
  • Do not carry more passengers than the cart is built to accommodate. Carrying more passengers than seats is extremely dangerous and could damage or disable the cart.
  • Operate the cart as you do your automobile.
  • Obey all traffic laws when operating a golf cart. You must observe all signs, markings, lanes, etc. Do not operate the cart on sidewalks or other pedestrian-only pavement.
  • Be courteous to other drivers and pedestrians. Share the road and we all will enjoy our day!
  • If you get into an accident, make sure everyone is okay. Call 911 if anyone is hurt or may be injured. Then, when safely possible, call us at (361) 217-0703 and we’ll dispatch our team to assist.